and welcome to the realms of SEVEN METAL INCHES. This site is dedicated to all the Die-Hard collectors and fans of Picture 7”s worldwide ranging from Death and Black Metal to Grindcore.

I am collecting these beautiful items since back in 1993 and although these were great times back then it was a tough challenge or mostly luck to find new releases besides checking printed catalogues - which had to be mailed by postal services from all over the world. Until the beginning of the 21th century I only had about 3 dozens of Picture 7"s. Then I discovered the almost unlimited possibilities of the internet and its platforms such as auctions and online stores. I started to filter every site which looked suspicious...so until now my collection has gotten bigger and bigger.

Nevertheless, since I keep watching this market more closely I wonder how many Picture 7”s are still out there and have not been discovered by me yet. Furthermore, I also would like to share my knowledge about releases with other collectors. Since these releases are in most cases limited to a very small number and are sold out in a short period of time, there must be a more or less manageable amount of Metal fans getting their hands on these pieces. This is the reason why I have started this project.

In the "Haves n´Wants" section you will find a complete overview of my entire collection as well as a list of items I am still looking for. 

Upcoming releases and some news around Picture 7"s can be found in my "News From the Crypt" part.   

Everyone is invited to spread this site all around the globe. The more people are aware of it the more comprehensive this Picture 7" encyclopedia will get. 

Conquer the depths of Seven Metal Inches...a new era for Picture 7" collectors.