The following overviews list the participants that have already mailed back their respective interviews. There is still quite a number of questionnaires out there, so the list will be updated from time to time until all the necessary ones are back. 

Overview of bands that will be featured with an interview (as of June 2017):

Acheron, Ancient Rites, Asphyx, Beastcraft, Benediction, Brutal Truth, Denial of God, Den Saakaldte, Desaster, Desecration, Dimmu Borgir, Disma, Dismember, Drowning the Light, Enthroned, Havohej, Hellstorm, Hooded Menace, IAD, In Aeternum, Incantation, Korgonthurus, Krieg, Lord Belial, Maniac Butcher, Mantak, Manticore, Mayhem, Mortifilia, Napalm Death, Nekrofilth, Nocturnal Graves, Nunslaughter, Obtest, Orcrist, Ostie, Paragon of Beauty, Sabbat, Sadogaot, Sarkom, Sombre Présage, Sorhin, Vinterriket, Vulcano, Watain, Witchtrap, Zemial

Overview of labels that will be featured with an interview (as of June 2017):

Ax/ction Records / Fudgeworthy Records, Bizarre Leprous Productions, Century Media, Earache Records, Hells Headbangers, Horror Records, Iron Pegasus, Megaforce Records, Merciless Records, Regain Records, Temple of Darkness 

Overview of artists that will be featured with an interview (as of June 2017):

Matt Carr, Stefan Löns, Ola Larsson, Robert Middleton

This is a first sketch of how the layout will probably look like. No final decisions are being made but I don´t think there will be many changes.